10 Plants to Buy if You Don't Have a Green Thumb


Looking to bring a little Mother Nature into your home as the seasons change? Houseplants are one of the easiest ways to bring the outside in and liven up your place. However, we’re not all born with a green thumb; and if you’ve ever lost a plant for any reason, you know it's not always easy to keep them alive and thriving. In this article, we’ve curated ten houseplants that are super easy to maintain and will instantly green up your space.

🌾 Herbs

Herbs are a great, aromatic way to upgrade your kitchen while being very easy to care for. Just simply water occasionally and enjoy edible herbs that make it super easy to stick to your plant based diet! Herb kits are available everywhere these days, check your local farmer's market or even a grocery store.

hanging herbs from the wall

✌️ Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is almost impossible to kill; it actually has an inbuilt way of telling you it’s thirsty. Once you see the slightest signs of wilting or drooping, you know it’s time to water (about once a week). This also prevents you from watering the plant too frequently. True to its name, this flower has angelic white blooms that bring a feeling of peace into your home.


peace lily

🌵 Succulents: Aloe and Cactus

Who doesn’t love the look of a cute lil succulent? They’re so diverse and unique in appearance that they'll make the perfect addition to any home. They’re also basically foolproof - as far as care goes - since they’re drought resistant!


The aloe plant is probably the most common type of succulent. It's even called “the medicine plant” because the leaves are known to heal skin ailments, such as sunburns. It's also very aesthetically pleasing, so it can fit in just about any room.

Caring for aloe is super easy; just water deeply in the summer (about once a week), and less frequently in the winter (about once a month). Our Clear Skin Foaming Cleanser is even formulated with aloe vera juice for its healing properties.


Bring a little Southwest-chic vibe into your home by keeping this prickly friend nearby. Like aloe, the cactus is easy to maintain - just water about once a month and keep in direct sunlight on your window sill.

✨ Air Plants

What’s easier than having a plant and only watering it every two weeks? That’s what you get with an air plant. A brown thumb gardener’s dream come true. Not to mention, they look very cool hanging from the ceiling. You can even dress them up in a variety of ways to fit your decor.

easy to keep air plants

🌿 English Ivy

With an unmistakable natural elegance, ivy plants trail down furniture and leave you with a beautiful effect wherever you place them. They tend to thrive in cooler temperatures, so it’s best to avoid direct sunlight and make sure to keep the soil nice and moist.

english ivy

🎋 Bamboo

Need a plant to spruce up your home office? Look no further than bamboo, a well-known Feng Shui essential that requires minimal care - aside from replacing with clean water occasionally. Luckily, bamboo thrives with little light making it a perfect plant for those living in apartments.

🍃 Ficus

Preferring full sun, the ficus plant makes a nice addition to any home with its glossy leaves. The best part about this plant? It’s very forgiving to those who tend to be a bit forgetful about watering. It actually likes to go dry for days between watering. As an added bonus, this plant may spark your creativity with its topiary effect since their stems braid naturally.

🍍 Bromeliads

Eye catching bromeliads are tough plants that “like a good watering every month” (making them super easy to care for), according to Nell Foster, founder of the gardening blog JOY US garden. Bromeliads are actually classified into eight subfamilies that contain over 3,000 different species, the most popular being the pineapple (which are actually super easy to grow in your home)!


🌱 Rubber Tree

Want something that’ll “pop” in your home? The rubber tree grows up to 8 feet tall and is visually stunning - not to mention easy to grow. Just make sure to water the plant when the soil feels dry, and place it in indirect sunlight (like near a window with sheer curtains).

rubber tree

With so many options available you can easily green your home even if you don’t seem to have the best luck when it comes to caring for plants. Just start with one or two and soon enough you might just end up with an out of this world indoor green space perfect for a midday cuppa joe!