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Why You Should Embrace A Plant Based Diet For Healthy Skin


Breaking out is no laughing matter and one thing most of us tend to do when we notice recurring pimples, or any other common skin problem, is reach for an instant fix.


These instant fix solutions often come in the form of over the counter medications or skincare products. But in order for your products, especially natural skincare products to work properly, you need to feed your skin.


What does that mean?


We’re quick to apply cleansers, creams, and oils to our skin, but what’s going on underneath is just as - if not more important.


The only way to achieve healthy skin from the inside is to eat more plant-based foods such as greens, veggies, and fruits.


There are quite a few differences between following a plant-based diet and a “regular” diet. The biggest thing to note however is that when you eat more plant-based foods, your nutritional profile you’ll be consuming is vastly increased. All the vegetables and fruits included in a plant based diet come packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.


Antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C, and E will make the biggest difference to your skin:


Vitamin A: helps to slow aging, reduce wrinkles, protect from the sun and heal wounds


Vitamin C: rejuvenates skin and improves collagen to tighten skin


Vitamin E: protects skin against free radicals, prevents damage from the sun


It’s not just what you do eat that matters, it’s what you don’t eat either that matters.


The biggest cause of acne and other skin conditions is inflammation… but what causes inflammation?


When you add more plant foods to your diet, one food group you should try to avoid is dairy. Dairy is filled with hormones that can cause havoc with your skin. In fact, some people even notice a huge difference in their skin's health by just cutting dairy from their diet. A great alternative to cow's milk which I love is almond milk. You can even make your own, and you don’t have to feel guilty when having an almond milk hot chocolate.  


Another food group you will be cutting back on when going plant-based is meat. Meat has also been proven to be inflammatory.


Here are 10 of the top inflammatory foods you should avoid. By replacing those with more plant-based foods you’re going to notice a huge difference in your skin after a week.


You may already be drinking a lot of water, but when going plant-based, your water will naturally increase as well. The added veggies and fruits will help to hydrate your skin and increase moisture - especially helpful for those who have dry skin.


So, which foods should you be eating to get the most out of your plant-based diet for your skin's health?


Here are our top recommended plant-based skin cleansing foods.


Dark Leafy Greens: Leafy greens such as kale, collard greens and swiss chard are rich in antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will fight free radicals and keep your skin beautifully youthful.


Foods Rich in Fatty Acids: Foods rich in healthy fats such as walnuts, avocado, and flaxseed will help to hydrate your skin, as well as fight against inflammation, ensuring your skin stays clear and healthy.


Foods High in Zinc: Zinc helps to prevent clogged pores by keeping the pores open. Zinc also has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for problem skin. Foods high in zinc include pumpkin seeds, kidney beans and spinach.


Antioxidant Rich teas: Tea is excellent for aiding in digestion, which in turn keeps the skin clear. There is a very clear link between gut health and the health of your skin so try and drink tea alongside your meals to improve digestion. Green tea, dandelion root, ginger and lemon teas are our favorite for their antioxidant-rich content.



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