How To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle Through Yoga

For most people, good health is defined by physical fitness; but they fail to realize that good mental health is equally crucial. One cannot truly be healthy if they are physically agile but lack the enthusiasm to live a full life. Health is not simply an absence of disease; it extends beyond the physiological fitness to mental calmness, emotional stability, and joyful expressions. Moreover, body, mind, and spirit are like the steering engine and gear of the car-- the poor functioning of even one aspect can create a disequilibrium in our life and lead to ill health.

The traditional discipline of yoga is one simple method of creating harmony among these three components. This unison, in turn, exists to support the life. Yoga is a traditional science with roots in the Vedic wisdom that removes impurities from the levels of mind, makes muscles strong, and limbs flexible. The continuous practice of yoga comprising of meditation, pranayama, diet, and asanas leads a person on the path of robust living, higher consciousness, and spiritual elevation.

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Read on to find how you can correct an erroneous lifestyle through the practice of yoga…

Conscious Eating

Many of us encounter feelings of boredom or frustration and resort to raid the fridge in an effort to uplift the mood despite not being hungry (i.e., eating your feelings). Our food choices often change with our mood, and makes us indulge in unhealthy eating. Living a life inspired by yogic principles promotes conscious living and thoughtful actions. It motivates us to listen to our body’s needs and inculcates the habit of healthy eating by identifying hunger and completeness cues. Feel robust and perform to your highest potential by drawing away from processed, low nutrition food and nurture your body with only wholesome yogic delicacies.

mindful eating to a healthier lifestyle


Take a break from what you are doing and take 10 minutes from your hectic schedule to meditate as often as you can. You don’t need to be in a picturesque area with mountains or a gushing river to experience the benefits of meditation. You can practice meditation in a quiet room in your home or a peaceful corner of your office.

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Meditation allows us to clear our mind from all the clutter, reduces stress, and enhances our perception. Chanting Mantra when meditating has a tranquilizing effect on the brain in relation to the endless mental chaos; the nervous system begins to relax while we become aware of our creative potential. This enhanced awareness allows our mind to work at its best.

Yogic Breathing

Yogic breathing is a technique that can make a tremendous difference in the quality of your life. Practicing pranayama (yogic breathing) opens the body channels for smooth flow of prana (vital force). Deep breathing exercises calm the nervous system and decrease anxiety. Also, consistent practice of pranayama enhances focus, uplifts the well-being, supports the yoga poses, and enables the mind to achieve a meditative state.

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Yoga Regimen

The regular practice of yoga is truly the key to living a healthier, happier life. The practice of yoga postures confers the practitioners with multiple physical and psychical benefits. In addition to this, a regular practice of yoga inspires a person to become more aware of their choices, helps them lead a more fulfilling life, and encourages them to be more content with whatever they have.

Yoga Ethics

Incorporate the eight limbs of yoga into your daily conduct that helps you achieve lasting inner peace and happiness. Honoring this moral conduct as we move along the path of yoga means we are always mindful towards our actions. It cultivates a heightened state of awareness. These ethics teach us to live in harmony with other living beings and helps in maintaining a positive environment in which a human being can flourish. The eight-limbs of yoga are practices designed to help us achieve an optimum state of well-being and enlightenment.

the eight limbs of yoga ethics

Adopt these practices in your daily life and start living a more meaningful and mindful life through the great science of yoga.


Author Bio: Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He provides yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India. He loves writing and reading the books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas. For more information about him visit his website.