5 Quick & Easy At-Home Workouts

We know that finding the motivation to workout can sometimes be a struggle. How many times have you had your gym bag in-hand, ready to head out the door, and then think to yourself, nah, I’m going to skip today”?

Before you get too down on yourself, just remember we’ve all been there... probably more times than we’d like to admit. Some days it can be hard enough to squeeze into your workout gear, let alone actually make it to the gym.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could get your sweat on in the comfort of your own home, yet still feel like you’ve just powered through your typical gym routine? Well, you're in luck! We’ve put together five fun workouts, all of which can be found on Yo​uT​ube! Plus, since we know everyone's fitness routines/goals vary, these five workouts are specially selected to have different results.

So put your gym bag down, scroll through to find your ideal workout, and get moving! 💪

P.S. We won’t judge if you stay in your PJs

👟 The Low-Impact Cardio Workout 👟

Before you dismiss a low-impact workout for being ineffective, you may want to keep reading. It’s a myth that you have to jump or run for an hour in order to benefit from exercise. In fact, just 30 minutes of low impact exercise three times a week can help to increase blood flow, boost heart health, aid in healthy weight loss, and strengthen your joints. This type of exercise is perfect if you’re a beginner or just wanting to have a slower day, but still get yourself moving.

best low impact cardio workout

We love this low impact aerobic workout by Jessica Smith. Her upbeat attitude will keep you motivated and get those endorphins flowing. She also has an adorable pup named Peanut who often makes an appearance in her videos. Do you need any more motivation than a cute puppy?

🔥 The HIIT Cardio Workout 🔥

You can’t go wrong with high-intensity interval training if you’re looking to burn fat, improve your health, and increase your energy. This type of workout includes exercises like kickboxing, running, and plyometrics. Many people prefer interval workouts over steady-state cardio, as it encourages your body to lose fat while still maintaining your hard earned muscles. Your body will start to tone, your skin will clear and you’ll even start getting a better night’s sleep.

When we think of HIIT, Millionaire Hoy comes to mind with his insane, yet super fun workouts! Try Day One of his 30-Day Challenge and let us know if you keep with it!

HIIT cardio workout for beginners

💃 The Dance Workout 💃

Let's say you’re out with your friends having a few drinks and you hit the dance floor (maybe you even break a lil sweat). It might be hard to consider this as exercise, but that’s
exactly what it is! This is why it’s so important to find an activity (like dancing!) that you’ll love doing so that you’ll keep up with it.

This dance workout is only 10 minutes long (and ya, it’s a little cheesy), but it’s a super painless way to get your blood pumpin'! It’s highly recommended to do this one with a friend (or a few!).

🙏 The Yoga Workout 🙏

Yoga is at the top of our list when it comes to taking care of your body, mind and spirit. In fact, we have a whole 
article dedicated to why we love it so much! Yoga is a form of moving meditation and while there are slow and easy sequences, when you really get into your vinyasas, you're totally going to sweat!

For a quick energy boost, try this ENERGY practice and follow it up with this CALM practice. These two workouts have been put together as a two-part sequence and you're sure to feel strong, balanced, and grounded when you step off the mat.


yoga workout


🏋 The Strength Workout 🏋

Strength training is excellent for overall body health and can help boost cardiovascular health, strengthen the muscles and joints, and even helps prevent disease. When you think of strength workouts, you probably think of lifting heavy weights at the gym, but did you know that all you really need is your body?

Here are some of our top moves for an overall strength workout. You can also try the sworkit app. It has custom workouts that you can do anywhere, and you can choose your workout time interval!

We hope these various workouts show you that you do have options when working out and that you can choose what works best for you, even from home!