10 Tips for A Stress-Free Festive Season

The holidays have arrived, and Christmas day is on its way. While this is all very exciting for the kiddos, as an adult, you may have come to realize that the holidays can be pretty stressful.

There seems to be never-ending to-do lists, holiday parties and of course loads of preparation for Christmas day. Christmas is meant to be a time of togetherness with your closest friends and family, but we seem to have lost the meaning somewhere along the way.

Once Christmas has come and gone, you then have the new year approaching, and how can you start the new year on a positive note, when December was simply a month filled with stress?


wrapping christmas presents how to

Wrap As You Go

We’ve all been there. Christmas Eve rolls around, and we found ourselves frantically trying to wrap our gifts at the last minute when all we want to do is enjoy a mince pie and a holiday movie.


This year, wrap every gift as you purchase it, or better yet, get the store to wrap it for you!


online shopping

Shop Online

Christmas shopping should be one of the better parts of the festive season, but in reality, it’s one of the most stressful. Many of us leave shopping till the last minute and then scramble to purchase gifts in malls packed to the brim with irritated shoppers that sap your energy and leave your mood anything but jolly.


Ditch the malls altogether this year, and shop online from the comfort of your home. On a budget? No problem! Make this a year to purchase gifts with real meaning or buy products that will benefit the recipients such as our all-natural products here at TruSelf. Not only are they affordable, they are filled with nutrient-rich ingredients that will satisfy everyone from your grandpa to your niece!


Take Time For Yourself

This busy time of year is an excuse for many of us to neglect ourselves, and this is just not right! By taking time for yourself every day to meditate, practice yoga or exercise, you are setting yourself up to deal with the holiday madness in a much more relaxed and mindful way.

No idea where to start? Check out our mind-body connection posts (part one and part two) to help ease you into relaxing practices that nurture and heal mind, body, and spirit.


holiday snow globe with snowman

Spend Your Money on Fun Activities and Simple Decor

A tree, a wreath, and some festive lights are all you need to add a festive feel to your home this holiday season. Spend any extra cash you might have spent on fancy decorations on some fun activities you can enjoy with friends and family instead, such as ice-skating or snow tubing!


Don’t Over-Indulge

This is the time of year when it’s easy to over-indulge in tasty treats, what with all the holiday parties and platters filled with sugary, carb-laden delights. While these treats are delicious, the after-effects of indulging in too much sugar are just not worth it. We aren’t saying you can never enjoy a cheeky treat, but be sure to enjoy them in moderation, and to drink lots of water to help flush toxins from your system. There are also many healthy alternatives that won’t drain your energy, or leave you feeling bloated and tired.


baking cookies during the holidays

Spend Less Time in the Kitchen

Spending time in the kitchen, baking Christmas cookies and an array of other Christmas favorites may sound idyllic, but it can get a little tedious when it falls to you year after year after….well you get the point.

Set a day aside to do your baking if it’s truly something you love to do, otherwise, rely on your grocery store for your cakes and treats this year. Just because you are buying ready-made treats doesn’t mean you have to buy unhealthy. Most grocery stores carry gluten-free and vegan desserts that are so good no one will ever know the difference!


relaxing at home on christmas stress free

Enjoy Time at Home

Yes, there are many invitations probably coming your way right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept every single one! This is the best time of year to get comfy, and curl up with a loved one (or a furry friend!), sip on some hot cocoa and watch your favorite holiday movies. It’s the perfect antidote to holiday stress and will leave you feeling mega relaxed and chill this December.


Ask For Help

Raise your hand if you try to take on everything yourself and never ask for help. We get it, you’re an independent woman, but a little help now and then is necessary to stay sane and not experience burnout.

Get your partner or your kids involved in helping with cleaning and prepping the house for family and friends, and do a little each day rather than tackling everything at once.


christmas holiday online greeting cards

Take Advantage of Online Greeting Cards

There’s one positive to this modern era of technology; you don’t have to spend hours writing out holiday cards, and then spending more time at the post office to mail them!

While sorting out your online shopping, sort out your holiday cards too, and send everyone an e-card this year! It’s just as special, and a heck of a lot easier!


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Last, but not least, make sure you enjoy the holidays and don’t stress yourself over the small things. We all plan for everything to be absolutely perfect, but nothing in life is, so try and go with the flow a little and you won’t only stress less, you will end up having your best festive season yet!