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Bamboo Brush

Bamboo Brush

$ 7.00 USD

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Apply your mask with ease!

Key Benefits:

  • Evenly Applies Your Detox Mask
  • Super Soft Bristles Won’t Irritate Your Skin
  • Allergen-Free

Simplify your DIY spa-night and apply your Detox Mask perfectly with our super soft bamboo brush. You want your mask to cover every little crevice of your face, right? Use our bamboo brush for effortless application!

This brush is constructed with synthetic nylon bristles, an aluminum ferrule, and a bamboo handle.

Dip the tip of your brush in your Detox Mask, and spread a thin, even layer of clay out as much as possible from the center of your face outwards, starting at your forehead. Apply additional layers of your mask as needed.

Always wash your brush with soap and water after use so that it’s fresh and clean for your next spa night!

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