What Does a Face Serum Do?

What are face serums and why do you need them?

Do you really need a face serum?  It’s a lot like when you were a kid and your mom packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for you to eat later.  You didn’t really think you needed it (“ok, Mom”), but when you were hungry later in the day, you were glad you had it (“thanks Mom”).  Your face serum is kind of the same, you’ll be glad you have it, even though you might think you don’t need it. Packed with tons of nutrients, your skin will soak it up, and thank you for it!

What exactly is a face serum?


A moisturizer? (Not really, we’ll explain later)  A magical potion that will change your skin overnight? (Nope, not exactly).

Face serums are super-concentrated with nutrients and deliver those powerful, potent ingredients directly into your skin.  They soak into the internal skin and take on its aging, by reducing inflammation, which can damage skin cells and cause signs of premature aging.  So your skin won’t change overnight, but you will see the effects over time, and you’ll be glad you invested in your skin’s future. (Just like you’d be glad to have that PB&J to snack on later.)  

Face serums are designed to absorb quickly and deeply into your skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients which make them super effective. Skin Drenching Face Serum has powerful ingredients like DMAE, Jojoba Seed Oil, MSM, and Rooibos, which are anti-inflammatory and anti-aging powerhouses.  Green and White Tea Leaf Extracts have solid antioxidant properties, which protect your skin from damage. And, when you think it can’t get any better, the formula contains the antioxidant Vitamin E and anti-inflammatory Vitamin B3.  This powerful, super-specific recipe is designed to target that internal skin layer. 

 Is a face serum a moisturizer?

It will add moisture - but is not a substitute for your moisturizer.  Face serums are full of moisturizing compounds, for example Skin Drenching Face Serum contains hyaluronic acid, which is an excellent moisture booster.  Your serum is designed with ingredients that go deep into your skin and go after those internal aging factors. A good moisturizer should be used to create a barrier on top of the skin to keep all the benefits of your serum in while going after the external aging factors, such as environmental stressors, UV rays, and air pollution.

When should my face serum be applied?

Face serums should be applied after cleansing and before moisturizing.  Deliver those powerful ingredients deep into your skin and seal it up with your moisturizer.  Morning and night are best, letting those targeted ingredients absorb into your skin. Your face serum is super concentrated with goodness!

So don’t forget that PB& J, and definitely don’t forget your serum!

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