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Skin Purging or Just Breaking Out? Here’s How to Tell!


Is your skin giving you a little trouble lately? If the answer is yes, and you’ve started using a new product/skincare line, then you need to keep reading.

What is Skin Purging?

If you have switched to an all-natural/organic skincare line targeted towards clearing up your skin, and you notice annoying pimples rearing their heads, then it’s likely your skin is going through something we like to call a ‘purge’. Sounds pretty scary, but it’s actually a pretty common, completely natural occurrence, and should clear up in no time at all.

A skin purge is simply a “skin detox.”

what is skin purging

To help you better understand what we mean, then let’s look at an example of a body detox:

When you cut toxins and processed foods from your diet and switch to natural, whole and organic foods, you will first feel worse before you start feeling better. All those toxins from unnatural foods you ate for years will start to float around your bloodstream, causing horrible symptoms such as fatigue, irritability and even mild depression. As these toxins make their way out of your system, the nutrient and antioxidant rich foods you have replaced them with will take their place and start to rev up your energy levels, boost your immune system and leave you feeling healthier than ever before.

When it comes to skin purging, it’s the same concept. Many conventional skincare products work to simply cover up any skin issues without getting to the root of the problem. When you lather your skin with nutrient-rich, rejuvenating properties, these ingredients will sink deep into your pores, flushing out any toxins under the surface of your skin. Thus, when you begin a new skincare regimen, you might notice more pimples initially, but these are simply toxins that have made their way to the surface.

skin purging

Skin purging is also more common with products aimed towards clearing acne-prone skin, such as our Detoxifying Mask since it is a fairly intense pore-cleansing exfoliation. This simply means the pimples that were lurking beneath the skin, ready to make themselves known, will appear a lot faster once you speed up the cleansing process.

The good news, however, is that once these pimples have cleared up, your skin will look healthier and clearer than ever!

The Difference Between Skin Purging and Breaking Out

Before you start to panic, keep in mind that any pimples that seem to “pop out of nowhere” when you start using new skin care products are normal, and once they clear up, they should stay away as long as you continue to use the products. This is the biggest difference between skin purging and breakouts. Breakouts are blemishes that recur on a regular basis, and are a result of hormonal changes, stress, poor diet, etc.

Another thing to take note of is that pimples that arise from skin purging will appear in areas where you tend to be oilier, or where you have clogged pores, (i.e., your nose). These new products are simply clearing out dirt and bacteria and paving the way for clear, glowing skin!

How Long Will it Last?

skin purging and breaking out

Pimples from skin purging shouldn’t hang around for longer than a month, but it’s crucial you make this skincare regimen your new norm. Even though your skin probably seems to be breaking out worse than before, stick with it because it’s the continuous use of the products that’s going to ensure your skin clears up and results in the healthy, beautiful glow you’ve been searching for.

We hope this helps to clear things up a little for you (see what we did there!) Being informed before starting a new skincare regimen will help keep you calm if any pimples occur, and trust us when we say the results will be totally worth it in the end!




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Skin Purging or Just Breaking Out? Here’s How to Tell!
Is your skin giving you a little trouble lately? If the answer is yes, and...

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