Rose Floral Water for Soothed Skin

Roses are Red…We’re not just talking poems and petal color here, we’re talking skincare!

Aside from the wonderful, classic scent most of us know and love, one of the most soothing, restorative, and natural options for your skin is rose floral water. Its calming properties add glowing color where it’s needed, and remove it where it’s unwanted, leaving you with a clear, soothed, & even complexion.

…And you know what contains a generous amount of rose floral water? Our Soothing Solution!

This Solution - alone as a balancing toner or paired with our Soothing Mask - is all about maintaining pH balance, stimulating skin renewal and calming acne/red, irritated skin… ‘cause sometimes this kind of refresh is exactly what your skin needs (and thankfully it’s gentle/good for all skin-types)!

The unique handmade formula combines the power of rose floral water and 100% organic aloe vera juice, and has been tried, tested & been proven to not only make skin look better, but also makes it feel better with anti-inflammatory & soothing traits.

The ultimate, skin-saving/soothing combo? Our Soothing Mask mixed with the Soothing Solution to hydrate the mask (our masks come in a powder form, so they’re fresh every time, last longer & have no gross preservatives). Start with a gentle detoxifying clay, then add Organic Matcha, Oatmeal & Cucumber powder, and top it off with a little Organic Peppermint Leaf Powder and you’ve got one amazing organic mask that neutralizes and even prevents redness and irritation. The Soothing Mask + Soothing Solution dynamic duo is truly a phenomenal way to naturally treat painful inflammation, reduce redness, rebuild/rejuvenate skin, which means glowing skin that looks and feels great.

Plus (yes, it gets better), since rose is fantastic for healing scars/damaged tissue, you’ll actually ‘rebuild’ your skin while you’re comforting it. The Soothing Mask Kit even helps hydrate skin and has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging yes, all of your bases are covered. Together the mix locks in moisture, relaxes agitated skin, & helps clear/prevent breakouts.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Matcha mask and Soothing Solution miracle
With having rosacea and acne scars I have a difficult time with having nice skin naturally. I struggle with masks that are irritating...this one (mixed with the solution) worked wonders; after one use my skin looked healthy and clear. Don’t ever stop making it!”
- Moira

“So Soothing!
I'm in love with this mask! It is the only product that soothes a red patchy area that's been on my cheek for months now. Even after seeking assistance from a dermatologist who prescribed hydrocortisone, I was still in search of product to soothe my irritation. This product is the truth!”
- Cheryl