Why Shopping Organic Clothing Should Be The New Norm

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Most of us go through our days easily looking past all that is around us. We’ve become so accustomed to being “users” that we don’t take a minute to consider where our pots, pans, rugs, bedding, and so much more come from.

While there are many things we have become more knowledgeable about​, like where our produce comes from​, ​the importance of buying organic​, or whether our morning cup of joe comes from a company supporting fair trade​. ​In our case, we’ve seen a great increase in the thirst for knowledge when it comes to clean skincare​...and that makes us so excited​!

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This is all great news, but one part of our lives where most of us still tend to shy away from for whatever reason is switching to fair trade​/ethically made fashion. Everyone has their ​favorite brand of clothing​,​ and ​yes, it's ​​probably ​hard to even think about giving ​that brand ​up… but it doesn’t have to be that bleak. There are ​countless ethical clothing brands right here in the U.​S​.​ ​(​and abroad​)​ that offer thousands​,​ if not millions​,​ of options for what to wear​​! Not just t​hat​, ​but ​did you know that many well​-​known brands like Levi’s and Patagonia are actually making ​an effort to switch to sustainable clothing models​​?

Why Should You Care About Buying Sustainable Clothing?

We get it...mornings are hectic, and the thoughts in your head when rummaging through your clothes to pick out an outfit probably aren’t centered around where the fabrics come from and/or how it was made; you're most likely focused on whether or not the blouse you’ve chosen for the day matches the shoes you’ve picked out.

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To add to this​ concept​, the global warming documentaries that usually make the front page of Netflix or pop up as “trending” on your Facebook feed ​primarily focus​ on the environmental impact the agricultural industry has on the earth. While this is a very important issue, did you know that the apparel industry also has a detrimental effect on the environment?

How Does The Apparel Industry Contribute to Environmental Damage?

When it comes to creating garments, a huge amount of natural resources are used in production of the materials​, all the way​ through to manufacturing and shipping​ procedures​. Cotton production​, specifically,​ is the worst in the industry due to the amount of water used for its production ​as well as the fact pesticides are used​ in this process.​ Yes, you read that right - ​the cotton clothing you’re wearing​ (most likely)​ contains pesticides!

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​Additionally,​ the dyeing process also involves using toxic chemicals and the constant transporting of materials back and forth between each stage of production burns up fossil fuels.​..and don't get us started on​ the ​poor​​ standards of work​/​low wages that are often present in overseas factories.

At the end of the day, what it boils down to is ​our reliance on low prices ​of these ​unethical manufacturing process​es​..

What About The High Cost Of Sustainable Clothing?

If you’ve ever ​researched ​buying organic clothing, you’ve probably noticed the higher prices versus that which you’ll get at your ​"​regular​"​ stores. But consider this:

sustainable clothes quotes

As with anything, ​WE​ have a say when it comes to where we put our money.​ So, where do we start?​

Where Can I Buy Sustainable Clothing?

Alas, the​ exciting part​ of this blog post.​

We all have our own preferences in style​, but believe us when we say that​ discovering new sustainable brands of clothing ​can ​be a fun process since there are SO many to be found!

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ethical clothing brands we love. Let us know if you’ve ever shopped at any of them, or if you have your own brands to contribute, we’d love to hear from you​ in the comments below​!

10 Ethical Clothing Brands

People Tree: men, women, jewelry
Eternal Creation: adults, babies, kids
Everlane: adults, kids, bags & accessories
Gather & See: women, underwear, bags & accessories
Monkee Genes: men, women
The Root Collective: womens apparel & shoes
The Goodnight Society: women & men’s nightwear
Swedish Stocking: stockings & leggings
Recreate Store: women, men, kids
Thunderpants: women and men’s underwear

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