Blemish Remedy: A New Alcohol-Free, Natural Spot Treatment


You may no longer be a teenager, but dealing with hormonal acne can happen at any age, sometimes even in your 40's! Hormonal acne can occur during periods of heightened stress or perhaps you’re a mom-to-be and your hormones are a little unpredictable. No matter what the reason for your overnight pimple (or pimples!), chances are you want it gone, and fast.

Before you rush off to your local drugstore to snag the first spot treatment you lay your eyes on, you may want to first consider reading the label. Most conventional spot treatments contain harsh drying ingredients, like alcohol and other synthetic ingredients, that seem more effective than they actually are. Sure they'll dry out your pimple, but they'll dry out the rest of your skin too; as soon as you stop using it your skin may flare up worse than before.

This is why we're so excited to introduce our all-natural Blemish Remedy... because we know you're going to love it just as much as we do!

Keep on reading to find out why this is the only spot treatment you'll ever need!

spot treatments that don't irritate your skin

What Makes Our Blemish Remedy Different?

We wanted to create a spot treatment that would target pimples without burning your skin (we know how those synthetic spot treatments feel); as well as rejuvenate and refresh your skin. Why shouldn’t your skin have it all?

Our handcrafted Blemish Remedy contains a cocktail of gentle, yet highly effective ingredients, that will help to clear up your skin without irritation. This is why all skin types, especially sensitive skin, will looove this spot treatment!

It also contains no “bad stuff” (this is our motto after all 😉 ). Just pure and natural ingredients. This means your body won’t build up a tolerance to it and it'll continue to work its magic every time you use it.

🔑 Key Ingredients 🔑

🐲 Dragon’s Blood

Before you let your mind run wild, this one’s a plant-derived ingredient and not from any kind of animal! Dragon’s blood is a bright red sap that oozes out of a tropical tree, aptly named the Dragon Blood Tree. In its pure form, this rich sap is absolutely jam-packed with nutrients that can benefit your skin in many ways. Dragon’s blood has hydrating, healing, anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties to help clear up your skin while still ensuring your skin maintains a healthy moisture balance. Dragon’s blood can actually repair skin cells while it heals tissue damage, making this ingredient a *must* in our Blemish Remedy!

🌵 Aloe

We can’t get enough of this miracle plant! Aloe vera provides a major dose of soothing hydration along with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe contains a very impressive array of vitamins as well as antioxidants to fight the signs of aging while clearing your skin; how’s that for a bonus? It also contains enzymes that will help to regenerate and rejuvenate your skin. We wanted to add an ingredient like aloe that will not only treat your pimples but prevent and fade scars, too. You can’t go wrong with this superstar ingredient in your skincare.

aloe vera for blemishes and acne

🌳 Black Willow Bark Extract

Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) are commonly found in products targeted towards problem skin. However, because they are usually synthetic, they can be very drying and irritating for the skin.

Willow Bark contains salicylic acid, a natural BHA that will help to stimulate new cell formation and gently exfoliate your skin without the nasty side effects of synthetic BHAs. Willow Bark also contains powerful antioxidants called flavonoids, as well as minerals, tannins, and phenolic acids to rejuvenate the skin.

willow bark for clearing pimples

💦 Lactic Acid

In our opinion, every spot treatment should contain lactic acid, as we believe it would be incomplete or ineffective without it! Not only will lactic acid reduce your acne breakouts, it will help to prevent wrinkles too!

We cannot fit all the excellent ingredients of our Blemish Remedy into just one article, so for a full list of ingredients click here.

If you’ve been struggling with your skin, or if you just want a blemish buster handy in the case of an emergency, look no further! Our Blemish Remedy will be your new favorite skin saver.