10 Natural Beauty Hacks For Clear Skin All Summer Long

Why is it that frustrating breakouts always seem to appear right before a big event, like your best friend’s wedding or that fun date night? Perhaps it’s simply stress just doing its thing, but that doesn’t make dealing with them any easier!

You may notice more frequent breakouts during the warmer months. This makes sense, as sweating throughout the day can clog your pores and result in those pimples you so desperately try to avoid. There has to be something you can do to prevent them though, right?

We’ve put together a list of our top natural beauty hacks and blemish remedies that will ensure your skin stays clear and radiant all summer long. Once your skin is clear you can start focusing on things that really matter, like whether you should go with that red or black dress on your night out!

Gym First, Then Makeup

You’re bound to find articles telling you to avoid makeup, as it can clog your pores, especially during the summer months when you sweat more often. While this is definitely a simple suggestion for some, we obviously realize this may be unrealistic for others who live for all things makeup.

put makeup on after gym

If you’re planning on hitting the gym first thing in the morning then you may want to skip the “wakeup and makeup”, and wait until after your sweat fest. If you feel uncomfortable with a completely bare face, then try applying a little primer before to even out your skin tone. Just be sure to follow up with a good skin cleanser and oil free moisturizer afterward, though!

Hydrate Throughout The Day

As always, and especially during the summer, you need
water, water, and more water to keep your skin youthful and hydrated. So be sure to sip some throughout the day, not only when you're feeling thirsty. To make your water a little more interesting and to add an antioxidant boost that your skin will love, try adding some lemon and cucumber slices, along with a handful of mint leaves to your water. Can you say refreshing?

hydrate during summer

Ditch The Sugar

It’s obviously clear that too much sugar can affect your skin and result in blemishes. Sugar stimulates your oil glands to produce more sebum, throwing your skin’s moisture balance completely out of whack. Skipping the sugar can definitely be hard at times, but there are many 
healthy substitutes that taste just as delish! We’ve even collected a few of our favorite recipes to help you substitute your favorite sugar-filled summer snack with a healthier, sugar-free alternative. Read more here.

cut sugar for clear skin

Say No To (Bad) Chemicals

We totally get how it may be tempting to run to the drugstore and load up on products targeted towards your acne breakouts, but you may want to consider the ingredients in conventional products before spending your money.

Many conventional products contain harsh drying ingredients that may temporarily dry out your pimples; however, the results won’t last long. When your skin gets too dry, your oil glands try to compensate by overproducing oil, which only makes the problem worse.

Here at TruSelf, our products are all-natural and will help to clear your skin while feeding it with antioxidants to keep it perfectly balanced and healthy.

Try A DIY Toner

Toners are way too underrated in our opinion, as they can help to tighten the pores and are the perfect way to refresh the skin on those sweltering days. We get it though; they can be a little pricey, and it may be hard to figure out which one is best for your skin.

So, why not skip the hassle and make one yourself? This Green Tea Toner is absolutely jam-packed with antioxidants that will leave your skin glowing. You can spritz this at any time of the day, even over your makeup!

Eat Clean

Okay, so you’ve heard this more than once, but it actually works so you know we just had to include it. Steer clear of processed, greasy, fried and fatty foods; and instead start introducing whole, natural and plant-based foods into your diet. The result? Your blemishes will start to disappear like magic; and your skin will shine with radiance, rather than with excess oil.

eat clean foods for clear foods

Hands Off!

Don’t pick your blemishes, no matter what you do. We repeat, do not touch your face! By picking at your face throughout the day, you transfer bacteria to your skin, which will further aggravate an already problematic complexion.

Go To Bed With A Clean Face

We bet you’d be lying if you told us you’ve never gone to bed without taking your makeup off, and hey, we aren’t judging! While falling asleep in a full face of makeup once in a while isn’t the worst thing you can do, letting it become a regular habit is.

If you know you’re going to have a late night, then be sure to keep some makeup wipes (all natural of course!) next to your bed, so that you can at least remove
some of the dirt and grime of the day before hitting the sheets.

remember to wash your face before bed

Do A Downward Dog

If you’ve never done yoga then you might be a little confused at the title of this one, but it’s a simple yoga pose that anyone can do! Now you’re probably wondering how on earth a downward dog can benefit your skin...

By bending over, as you do in this pose, you allow your blood to flow towards your face, boosting circulation which is essential for a clear complexion!

Here’s a simple tutorial to help you get started.

Wash Your Pillowcases

If you washed your pillowcases as often as you washed your clothes, you might notice that your skin looks clearer, especially if you tend to breakout on your cheeks. Your pillowcases accumulate bacteria and sweat from your skin night after night, so be sure to wash them at least once a week. Add a little vinegar to the wash, as vinegar is excellent for killing bacteria.

clean pillows

Even if you follow just a few of these hacks, we can guarantee that you’ll start to see at least some improvement in your skin. Here’s to a clear skin summer!