How to Color Hair Naturally and Say Goodbye to Nasty Chemicals

It’s true, we all know how hair can transform how we look and feel, but is slathering your hair in chemicals and risking your health really worth a new do?


Fortunately, there are natural ways you can lighten, darken or simply brighten your hair without all those harsh chemicals that can leave your scalp burning like crazy; you blonde haired gals know what we mean!


Keep reading for some DIY options you’ll be itching to try this weekend, as well as why you should totally ditch the chemical stuff.

dangers of regular dye, DIY hair dye recipes

The Dangers of Regular Dye

When you’re relaxing at the hairdresser, with a magazine in one hand and a cappuccino in the other, you probably don’t stop to think about all the chemicals lurking around you...Did you know, however, that the
National Cancer Institute (NCI) states that there are over a whopping 5000 chemicals in hair dye products, with many of them being carcinogenic? This means that long-term exposure to these chemicals can increase your risk of cancer, which is pretty darn scary!


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but there’s gotta be a safer way...

Some Fun, DIY Chemical-Free Recipes

You’re probably aware of all the awesome ingredients in your pantry that you can use to whip up a bomb skin treatment, but did you know your kitchen is probably hiding an array of natural ingredients that can be used on your hair, too?


Keep in mind DIY hair color recipes are more for enhancing your natural color or to simply lighten/darken by a shade or two. The results are also temporary, so you’ll have to do it at least once a week to maintain vibrancy.


Lighter Hair Shades


dangers of regular dye, DIY hair dye recipes

Chamomile Rinse and Lemon Highlights

If your hair is anywhere from dark blonde to pale-butter blonde then you can benefit from these two awesome ingredients.


Let’s start with the chamomile rinse. Natural chemicals in chamomile flowers help to bring out natural highlights in your hair, but your hair won’t just look lighter and brighter, it will also feel silky soft! All you need to do is brew a strong cup of chamomile tea and wait until it is completely cooled. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual, but then before getting out of the shower, do a final rinse with the chamomile tea. Don’t wash it out, though! Simply style your hair as usual afterwards, and admire your brighter, silkier locks!


For your own at-home highlights, you can rely on the humble lemon. This works best when out in the sun, as the sun helps to activate the lightening effect of the lemon juice (so prepare this one for your next beach day!). Add one cup of warm water, the juice of one lemon, and one tablespoon of coconut oil (this treatment can be drying so don’t leave the coconut oil out of the mix!)...shake it all together and spray on your hair before your sunbath beach day! Lil’ extra tip - follow up with a deep conditioning treatment.



Darker Hair Shades


dangers of regular dye, DIY hair dye recipes


Black Tea Rinse


For all you brunette beauties: if you’d like to deeply darken your dull-looking locks, add dimension, or even cover up your grays then this one’s for you!


Just like the chamomile rinse, you’ll be brew and cool some tea, and use it as your last rinse. The difference is that you’ll want to use black, caffeinated tea (at least 3-5 bags), and you may want to wash it out after an hour or after leaving it on overnight. Your dark locks will look more sultry, those pesky grays will be covered, and your hair will feel healthier too...a win all-round!


Red Hair

dangers of regular dye, DIY hair dye recipes

Herbal Tea Rinse


If you’re blessed with a unique head of red hair, then we hope you rock your beautiful and unique color and keep it super bright with this recipe!


Herbs such as calendula, marigold, rosehips, and hibiscus are our favorite to keep your strands looking their best, and it’s as simple as the chamomile/black tea rinse. Start by simmering these flowers in water for 30 minutes, then strain and cool before pouring onto your hair as the final rinse. For even better results, pour the mixture in a spray bottle and spritz on your strands before allowing the sun’s rays to work their magic!


If you’re looking for a more drastic change in color, there are many healthier alternatives that are free from harmful ingredients. We’ve done the research for you; here are a few brands that stood out to us:


dangers of regular dye, DIY hair dye recipes

We hope this article helps you to make yet one more healthy change in your beauty routine, so that you can enjoy a healthier and happier life!