Get the Most Out Your Organic Face Masks

How (and why) you should be using both of our skin-lovin’ organic face masks.  

There are so many different face masks on the market today, that sometimes it can be hard to determine which ones to use, how to use them, and what benefits you’ll actually get from them. That’s where we come in. All of our products contain organic ingredients, are cruelty-free certified, and are made with the most simple and effective ingredients. Plus, since our masks come in a powder form (no need for nasty, unnecessary preservatives) that you mix yourself, it's fresh each time AND each container contains ~20-25 uses (that's like, $1 per use which is pretty dang amazing if you ask us).

Here’s a quick breakdown of our handmade organic face masks:

how to use clay masks


Detoxifying Face Mask

  • pulls dirt & toxins out from deep within your pores
  • controls oil production & prevents breakouts
  • reduces the appearance of acne scars & discoloration

This detox face mask is suited for all skin types, especially oily, and contains 6 different types of clay + other natural ingredients.

 Get the Most Out Your Organic Face Masks

Soothing Face Mask

  • soothes your skin from redness & inflammation
  • exfoliates & softens skin without overdrying
  • energizes your skin with anti-aging ingredients & subtle cooling effect

This soothing matcha mask contains just 5 skin-loving natural ingredients and is suited for all skin types, especially dry or sensitive.

Get the Most Out Your Organic Face Masks

We get it, everyone’s skin type is different; and sometimes it is hard to determine whether your skin is oily, dry or a little of both (combination). There’s a simple way to identify your skin type, and once you have, you’ll be able to get the most out our products, especially our organic face masks.

Using a mask isn’t just a luxury or something to pamper yourself with once a year at the spa.. Other than a little crucial self-care, using a face mask kit regularly (a few times a week) actually helps your other skincare products work more effectively. Each of our masks are uniquely formulated to benefit and improve your skin in their own way (and they're both good for all skin types!).

Along with the handmade face masks, we crafted a handy “guide” on how you can go about including both the detox face mask and soothing mask in your weekly skincare routine.

 Get the Most Out Your Organic Face Masks

  1. Rotate between both masks throughout the week.

This method reinforces the fact you should use a face mask more than once a week; typically we recommend to use our Detox Mask anywhere from 2-5 times a week, and our Soothing Mask could be used anywhere from 3-6 times just because it’s so gentle. To make it easy on yourself to get in a routine of masking, pick a day (or two!) for the Detox Mask and another day to use your Soothing Mask. We’re personally fans of the following schedule if you only mask two days out of the week:

Sunday Detox Mask: Self-Care Sunday to detox your pores & get your skin healthy after the weekend.

Wednesday Soothing Mask: Wellness Wednesday to keep your skin calm, smooth and fresh throughout the week.

 Get the Most Out Your Organic Face Masks

Of course, we recommend using both face masks more frequently, but that’s just a place to get you started. Oh, and don’t forget to use the Detox/Soothing Solutions if you’re looking to boost the effectiveness of your masks. Don’t overthink this - essentially you’ll just want to rotate between the two masks as your skin adjusts/according to your skin's needs.

  1. The “multi-mask” method.

Multimasking is when you use two different face masks on different areas of your skin to get specific, targeted results. Typically, it includes 1 hydrating mask and 1 detoxifying mask, but we think our Soothing and Detox Masks work so well together that we wanted to share our modified version of multimasking with you.

If your skin seems to have various things going (e.g., oily t-zone but dry/red cheeks), you might love this one. After mixing each face mask to your desired consistency (*pro tip: we totally recommend using the Detox & Soothing Solutions to liquify your masks), apply the Detoxifying Mask to the oily sections of your face (such as forehead, nose, and chin). For the more sensitive areas (often the cheeks and jawline), apply our Soothing Mask. By targeting the separate sections of your face with different organic face masks, you’ll bring out that natural glow you’ve been waiting for.

Get the Most Out Your Organic Face Masks

  1. Mix ‘em together.

Is your skin type more on the oily/combination side (basically, not dry/sensitive)? If so, you can simplify things by mixing a spoon of each mask together. Yes, both masks in one! Some of our team members love to do this once in awhile since you get the pore-cleansing effects of the Detox Mask along with the rejuvenating and skin-softening properties of our Soothing Mask.

Get the Most Out Your Organic Face Masks

Basically what you can take away from this article is that you should definitely be using both of our organic face masks if you aren't already. We just made it super easy by providing you with 3 options to keep mask night interesting, and your skin healthy and clear.