Fall’s Biggest Skincare Concerns And How To Treat Them Naturally

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. It's probably our team's favorite season! All the leaves changing into the colors of a memorable sunset, cozy times spent indoors with your loved ones enjoying endless mugs of hot cocoa, and let's not forget about corn mazes!


The cool, crisp air may feel wonderful on your skin after the dry heat of summer, but unfortunately, cooler temps mean less moisture in the air, which is not so wonderful for your skin.


But don’t despair! We've put together a quick and simple guide on how to treat your biggest skin concerns this fall. That way you can enjoy all this beautiful season has to offer, knowing that your skin is hydrated and protected.


Read on to find out how to treat your body right from head to toe this autumn!


✨ Your Face ✨

protecting your face during cold weather

While your body may be protected under layers of clothing as the temperatures start to drop, your face is almost always exposed to the elements.


For this reason, you need to make sure it’s well protected to prevent moisture loss that can lead to a decline in collagen production, and therefore increase your risk of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.


While it’s always important to moisturize your skin, autumn is the time of year to really amp up the hydration levels in preparation for winter.


This season, stay away from chemically-laden products and opt instead for a natural alternative such as our deeply hydrating Ocean Mineral Moisturizer.

moisturizing for dry, flaky skin

Shea butter provides the deep hydration your skin craves, while aloe aids in both hydrating and healing the skin, making this moisturizer perfect for all skin types (even you oily folks!). Jojoba oil softens the skin, green tea provides potent antioxidant protection and our unique ocean mineral complex provides the skin with essential minerals to deeply cleanse and detoxify.


This excellent moisturizer will naturally quench your skin’s thirst, stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, provide natural UV protection of 6, and help to prevent the signs of aging. 

💋 Your Lips 💋

This an area of our body we always seem to forget about until they are cracked and sore. We try to resurrect them with products containing questionable ingredients that often make the problem worse than before. We've all been there.


Our lips do not contain sebaceous glands, which makes them vulnerable to becoming dry and chapped when they aren’t taken care of. Sebaceous glands are found in our face, and help to provide the skin with natural oils to keep it hydrated.


Regular facial moisturizers are not enough for this sensitive area. Your lips require a deeeeeeep dose of hydration to prevent them from drying out and cracking in the cool autumn air.


Our remedy? Raw Honey Lip Gloss!

 moisturizing chapstick for chapped lips

Natural ingredients like raw honey and beeswax repairs chapped lips, locks in hydration, provides antibacterial properties and prevents future environmental damage such as from the sun and wind.


This lip gloss provides a beautiful, clear shine with none of that gross stickiness you may have gotten used to from commercial lip glosses.

🍃 The Rest of Your Body 🍃

Just because your body may be protected by clothing, doesn't mean it's likely to escape the dryness we all endure during the fall and winter months.


Ever notice how your skin seems to itch when it’s cold out, and nothing you apply seems to relieve it?


Our first bit of advice is to ensure that you exfoliate your skin on a weekly basis to help slough off dead skin cells that may build up quicker when the skin is exposed to cool air, or artificial air, such as indoor heating.


Make your own scrub by mixing up some raw coconut or olive oil with a hefty dose of brown sugar until it forms a paste that can be massaged into the skin. Sugar may not be great for your health, but it’s pretty dang impressive as a natural exfoliator.


Once your skin is feeling smooth and soft, lock in this hydration with a deeply moisturizing body butter such as our Raw Body Butter.

keeping skin moisturized during autumn

You'll never look for another body butter after trying ours, that’s how confident we are that you are going to love it!


Shea Butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil is a magic formula for hydrating even the driest skin.


Apply as an all over body moisturizer, as well as to areas we often neglect, such as our heels, cuticles, and even under the eyes to lighten dark circles! Because this body butter is so moisturizing, it is excellent to prevent and lighten stretch marks, so don’t forget areas where stretch marks may appear.


This is a multi-purpose natural product that will soon take the place of many other products you currently have, we guarantee it!


Try these 3 products to save your skin this fall, and enjoy an itch-free, glowing skin that will carry you right through the cold winter months too!