3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Detox Mask

If you’re like us, you look forward to your days off as time to relax after a busy workweek. In a perfect world, we’d be able to spend our free time any way we’d like, but sometimes we spend your days off stressin’ anyway. Times like these, all you envision is a bubble bath, a good book, and something to sip on... we won't say no to a fun cocktail!

Of course, no true pamper session is complete without a face mask, and the way your skin feels afterwards makes you wonder why you don't do one more often. Sound familiar?

With everything life throws at us, we simply don't take enough time for ourselves and the same goes for our skin. We wait until we feel incredibly stressed or until we notice issues with our skin before tending to it.

Don't you think life would be just a little easier if we took time for ourselves more often - before we reached our stress peak? This way we'll be able to navigate through life's everyday realities and challenges with a calmer mind, a more positive attitude and we guarantee your skin will thank you for it!

Here’s three reasons why you need a detox mask routine.

mixing detox mask

To Keep Your Skin Looking Clear, Vibrant and Healthy

Don't wait for blemishes to appear, take charge before they even have time to manifest.

By applying our Detoxifying Mask at least twice a week you can ensure that your pores stay clear of any dirt or grime that would result in those blemishes you just don't have time for! Even if your skin is flawless and you are yet to spot a wrinkle, there's no better time than now to start taking proper care of your skin so that you can enjoy youthful and wrinkle-free skin as you age (gracefully may we add!)

detox clay mask for clear skin

To Enhance The Effects Of Your Other Natural Skincare Products

It doesn't matter what excellent moisturizers, serums, gels or creams you choose to slather your skin in if you haven't prepped it properly before. If, for example, you apply an antioxidant rich serum to skin that is in desperate need of an exfoliation then you shouldn't be surprised if you wake up the next day and your skin still looks a little drab.

This is because the serum has just clung to any old skin and was unable to penetrate your pores. This is why we love regular exfoliations and it doesn't get much better than our Detoxifying Mask!

Our Detoxifying Mask has powerful exfoliating properties and will help to draw impurities out from deep down in your pores. Your pores will now be open and just waiting to receive the antioxidant goodness from any products you apply after. Your skin will feel softer and take on a beautiful, luminous glow. Our mask will also help to stimulate blood circulation which will help to promote the formation of collagen, an important structural protein for younger looking skin.

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For A Healthy Mind

Wondering how a face mask has anything to do with mental health? The act of taking the time for yourself, and treating your skin while lounging in your favorite PJ's or soaking in the tub, can greatly reduce your stress and help to lift your spirits! The secret though, is to make it a regular habit. You don't need loads of time, just five minutes goes a long way towards setting yourself up for feeling happier and improving your overall sense of well-being.

clear skin and mental health

As you can see our Detoxifying Mask is not just for times when you break out, but rather as an all round treatment for healthier more youthful skin and a happier mind! It's loads of fun to whip up too so grab some friends, or turn it into a spa day with your bff like TruSelf beauty @principessa.stella did recently and treat your skin to some quality TLC.