The Many Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Your Skin & Beauty Routine!

If you think coconut oil is just another passing trend, then we hope this article will change your mind. Sure, coconut oil is a hot topic in the beauty world, but for good reason!

 how to use coconut oil


This oil packs a real punch in terms of nutrient content, making it a winner in your favorite buttery desserts as the perfect dairy-free substitute. Coconut oil not only fills you up, but it also provides your body with healthy fats that protect against many health ailments, including heart disease.

Coconut oil is more than just a favorite ingredient in paleo desserts, though! If it’s good enough to eat, then it’s good enough to slather on your body to feed your skin and hair with awesome nutrients that provide noticeable results.

Keep reading to find out how coconut oil can leave your locks like silk and your skin glowing as if you have just returned from a tropical vacation!

using coconut oil

For Your Skin


When an oil is as rich as coconut oil is, you may want to run far away from it if your skin tends to be on the greasier side. However, the myth that “oil produces oil” has long been thrown out of the window, and oils have actually gained a lot of attention for all skin types due to the incredible effects of antioxidants on the skin.

Coconut oil is no exception. Powerful fatty acids fight inflammation, as well as promote the formation of collagen making this oil ideal for all skin types. It’s humectant properties lock moisture into the skin, meaning coconut oil is an ideal remedy for exceptionally dry skin.

However, coconut oil also contains Capric Acid, Caprylic Acid, and Lauric Acid, which all have potent antimicrobial properties to kill and prevent the spread of bacteria, making it a wonderful oil for problematic/acne-prone skin as well.

coconuts for skincare

The benefits don't stop there! Coconut oil is also rich in Vitamin E, a skin repairing antioxidant vitamin that will help to fade scars and stretch marks, as well as prevent them in the future. Be sure to apply it at least twice a day to stretch marks to help fade them, and if you are pregnant, be sure to massage this silky oil all over your belly every morning and evening, or better yet, get someone to do it for you!

Try our super skin-softening Nourishing Body Cream, which contains organic coconut oil. Slather it all over to heal and hydrate your skin from head to toe, we know you'll fall in love with the citrusy scent.

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For Your Hair


The benefits of coconut oil don't stop at your skin!

This oil is amazing for your hair, too! Unlike other oils, coconut oil doesn’t just provide a silky coating to your hair but it also penetrates each follicle where it feeds your hair with nutrients from the inside out!

Suffering from dry, itchy scalp? Sick of seeing clumps of hair in the shower? Feel like your hair looks a little dull? Coconut oil will fix all these common issues and leave your hair looking and feeling fuller, shinier, softer and you can say goodbye to pesky flakes for good!

Simply slather coconut oil all over your hair and cover with saran wrap for 30 minutes (or overnight) before shampooing and conditioning as usual. Do this at least once a week and start to fall in love with your hair.

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We hope you try this incredible oil out for yourself to experience the amazing results. Since we are still dealing with cooler temps at this time of year, why not show your whole body some love in the shower by lathering up with our Uplifting Citrus Body Bar. You bet this bar has coconut oil in it, and you’ll never go back to a conventional and drying soap bar after trying it, we guarantee that!