Guest Editor: "My Acne Story"

Hi! I'm Alexis Kaiser. I have a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog over at and @alexisjadekaiser! I'm 23 years old and live in Provo, Utah with my hubby and our 2 fur babies! I've struggled with my skin for as long as I can remember. I think my first real blemish problem started in 9th grade and kind of escalated from there.


how to apply detox clay mask for acne


I remember being about 14 years old when I first saw my first signs of a breakout. I was devastated (as you can imagine, haha) and immediately sought after my mother's advice! She recommended me trying Proactiv (we all know about those infomercials that were clogging our tellie at the time) so I did just that and before I knew it, it came in the mail! I was so excited! My excitement was quickly deceased when my skin started breaking out more, and even worse - flaking, flaking everywhere. My skin was so dry and irritated I didn't know what to do.


This is where it all began.



In high school, my blemishes continued. They would become extremely severe and then would go away. They just kind of came in waves. It sucked, to say the least. I tried everything on the market. Everything.


I finally went to a Dermatologist (last resort) and we began to diagnose my acne. At first, she put me on some antibiotics (why oh why did I do this!). They worked great - for about 2 months. Then my acne would peer through again.


So I went back in - she put me on a different antibiotic. This time (I was unaware of this, nor did my Doctor inform me of this) one of the side effects was my gums would stain dark purple if they weren't fully developed. Sure enough - the top of my gums went dark purple and I was devastated. I began to research online forums (bad idea I know, haha) and found multiple candidates like me that had experienced this same, permanent side effect. To this day, unfortunately, my gums are still a dark purple color.


I became extremely discouraged with antibiotics and just kind of went off them cold turkey. I got sick a few times and was prescribed antibiotics and they didn't work. It was like my entire body became immune to antibiotics because of my acne. We went back to the doctor and she recommended trying birth control. She believed that I had hormonal acne and with the regulation of birth control my skin would be less inflamed and have a chance to heal itself. (The step after this was Accutane and I really wasn't going to do that.)



My skin slowly started to clear up a bit (I still had blemishes from time to time) but nothing as severe as what I had previously experienced. I still struggled with a few blemishes and the struggle just continued. I had always thought, "I will just always have zits." It's just my skin. It is what it is. As you can image, I was always on the search for a product that loved my skin. That was nearly impossible.


One day I finally found TruSelf Organics on Instagram and I read all the customer reviews and it seemed like everyone loved their product! I was quick to get my hands on their Detoxifying Mask. I could hardly believe the difference in my skin after using this mask for just a few weeks. It was tighter, brighter, and my skin was significantly smoother.


before and after results using clay detox mask for acne


I've used the TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Mask ever since. When TruSelf Organics came out with a Clear Skin Kit I about lost it. I was SO excited to try it. I had some much faith in their products and I just knew this was the cherry on top for my skin. I received the Clear Skin Kit and my skin became the best it has ever, ever been. It's amazing how when we stop and find quality products with quality ingredients and simply our skin care routine how our skin begins to love us again.


After weaning out all other products in my cabinet and shower I can honestly say TruSelf Organics saved my skin. It saved it from long term scarring damage, my confidence and so much more. It's amazing how much acne can affect our lives and self-esteem. I 100% believe beauty comes from within, but it's crazy how much your skin affects your confidence.



Using TruSelf Organics has made my skin beautiful, clear and youthful. I cannot rave enough about their products and I recommend them to ANYONE and EVERYONE who asks me about skin problems. They're organic, they're paraben free, they don't have any bad stuff and contain the purest ingredients.


Can you say that about your current skin care regimen? Can you even read and pronounce and recognize all of the ingredients that are in your beauty products? If not, I encourage you to do your research and seek after a clean and whole skin care line, like TruSelf Organics.


It's been a long journey, but I wouldn't be where I am without TruSelf Organics. I'm forever grateful for their products and the difference their skincare line has made in my life. Thank you TruSelf Organics! I can confidently say now, I love my skin!




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