6 Organic Skincare Myths DEBUNKED!


People are becoming more aware of the harmful chemicals lurking in their skincare products, so more companies are jumping on the natural skincare train, producing products that are organic, all-natural and free of questionable ingredients that can not only affect our skin but our health too.

As an organic company ourselves, we are very excited to see people taking an interest in their health by learning more about ingredients, and following a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, many people are still skeptical of organic products, believing them to simply be marketing gimmicks, or not believing that they will work as well as the conventional products they grew up using. If this sounds like you, then that’s okay. It’s perfectly okay to have questions, and in fact, we welcome them here at TruSelf!

We decided to put together a few common misconceptions about organic skincare and set the record straight once and for all.


Myth 1: DIY Organic Face Masks and Lotions Work The Same as Organic Products


You may think that by whipping up a yogurt and honey smoothie in your blender and using it as a face mask, your skin will receive the exact same benefits as purchasing an organic face mask...

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While we’re all for a DIY face treatment once in awhile, the ingredients you find in your kitchen can’t really compare to the active ingredients found in organic skincare. These special ingredients are usually derived from inedible parts of plants, or they contain ingredients like jojoba oil, which provides excellent skin benefits, but trust us when we say you aren’t likely to find it in your pantry.

Organic skincare is more advanced than you realize, but the best way to prove it to you is to dare you to try it out for yourself!


Myth 2: All-Natural Skincare is Created Equal


Note that we use the word natural here, and not organic. While many products may claim to be all natural on their label, this does not mean the ingredients are organic, and in fact, they may be saturated with nasty pesticides.

To become organic certified, companies and/or ingredient suppliers have to undergo a rigorous process where they are monitored for years to ensure farming methods etc. all follow the organic guidelines. This process takes time, but we can all agree it's worth the wait!



Myth 3: Organic Products Aren’t As Effective


This one makes us giggle a little, to be honest. Many people are afraid of change and stick to a product that they are familiar with and have used for years. Unfortunately, your drugstore products have been diluted and watered down, and filled with TONS of chemical preservatives to extend the lifespan. This means that while the product may offer temporary results, you shouldn't hold your breath waiting to see any real long-term benefits/results.

Organic products, on the other hand, are so jam-packed with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals at high concentrations that they truly feed your skin with love from the outside. You’ll instantly enjoy more hydrated and clear skin after a couple uses, and over time you’ll notice more youthful skin with a glow that doesn’t quit!


organic skincare, organic skin products, natural skincare, preservative free skincareOne month after using our Clear Skin Foaming Cleanser and Ocean Mineral Moisturizer


Myth 4: Products Need Preservatives to Prevent Bacteria


Here’s the lowdown on this one: Water based products do need a preservative to prevent bacteria from forming, and oil-based products do not.

This does not mean that water based products need nasty preservatives such as parabens, though! Here at TruSelf, we use a preservative called Phenoxyethanol, which  (based on clinical research) causes no issues to your health or skin when used at low concentration levels - which is what we do!


Myth 5: Eating Healthy is Enough For Great Skin


Yes, you’ll hear us repeatedly waxing lyrical about the benefits of eating clean, antioxidant-rich foods and drinking tons of water, but a healthy diet alone is not necessarily enough for great skin.

While everything you eat does have an impact on your skin, food cannot remove dirt and grime the way a good face wash can, or provide a protective barrier on the skin (such as our moisturizers).


organic skincare, organic skin products, natural skincare, preservative free skincare


For truly beautiful skin, be sure to eat healthy, exercise and use organic products (like our Clear Skin Kit) ...and organic makeup always helps, too!


Myth 6: It’s Too Expensive


Last, but not least, we come to one of the most common misconceptions. Yes, some organic products may be a little more than commercial (drugstore) products simply because pure quality ingredients are used in the formulations, and this does cost more.


Not only have we found that high-end beauty lines (Clinque, Kate Somerville, etc.) are insanely pricey, but they manage to be overpriced for products with tons of harmful chemicals. Because of this, we aim to provide organic skin care at affordable prices, because we believe that everyone should have access to good quality products that won’t affect their well-being. You can’t put a price on your health!


We hope this answers some of your concerns, and that it opens you up to trying organic products yourself. We have a loyal following at TruSelf, and we’d love you to be a part of our family (and the organic community overall)!



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