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The Detox Collection

The Detox Collection

$85.00 USD

The full clear skin experience. A $99 value for only $85.

What’s Included:

  • Detoxifying Mask
  • Detoxifying Solution
  • Clear Skin Foaming Cleanser
  • Ocean Mineral Moisturizer or Herbal Infused Moisturizer
  • Blemish Remedy
  • Bamboo Utensil Set
  • Super-Soft Bamboo Cloth

Five of our most popular, effective facial products, plus the essential accessories.

Whether you’re trying to treat breakouts and blemishes or simply want to maintain hydrated, healthy, glowing skin, you need a skincare kit to take care of all your skin needs from start to finish.

The best skin care sets do more than just treat breakouts (though our skincare routines do that, too!) but offer a full, everyday solution for healthy, flawless skin.

We’ve made it as simple as possible with this Detox Collection Box which features all of our favorite facial products plus a couple necessary accessories. This blemish-fighting face mask kit covers all your bases: purify, cleanse, nourish and heal your skin for a clean, even complexion.

Purify: Our Detoxifying Mask draws out impurities from deep within your the skin, preventing future breakouts and evening out your complexion.

Cleanse: Our Clear Skin Foaming Cleanser is an all-natural face wash that removes oil and dirt without harsh chemicals that dry out your skin.

Nourish: Choose between two organic moisturizers based on your skin type. If you have oily skin, our Herbal Infused Moisturizer will keep oil production at bay while hydrating and repairing your skin. For dry/combination skin, our Ocean Mineral Moisturizer uses ocean salts and aloe vera to naturally replenish and hydrate your skin.

Heal: Our Blemish Remedy is a powerful all-natural acne spot treatment that will heal breakouts without the over-drying and stinging feeling you get from alcohol-based products.

*To see a full list of ingredients, please refer to the product's individual page.

Our motto has always been simple: “no bad stuff”; that means no colorants, artificial fragrance, parabens, or harmful chemicals.

Plus, all of our products are vegan or vegetarian and we never test on animals because we love our furry friends just as much as we love our customers. Being certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny means that we pledge our products are free of animal testing throughout all stages of product development.

Refer to individual product pages for specific directions on usage.



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Ouchy Wowy

I had high hopes for The Detox Collection but after only two days of use my skin was raw, red, and extremely dried out. I discontinued use and went back to using the cleansing system I had previously used. It took almost a week for my skin to return to normal.

Hi Beth, thanks for sharing your experience with our products. We are sorry to hear these products did not work for your skin type. Please keep in mind we do have a 30-day return policy and our customer service team can answer any questions you may have regarding product usage.
Amazingly awesome

I have been looking for something that would be natural and still work. I have finally found it. Ordered more this morning because I don't want to run out.

Great product

I honestly like the fact that it was all natural.

Love these products!

I have been using the face wash and moistuizer for about two weeks and notice a difference in the redness I use to have. I have only used the face mask once and really liked it! The bamboo face cloth is extremely soft and amazing!

Love it!

This stuff is great! The mask is my favorite part because your face feels so soft afterwards.