What are the benefits of the Detoxifying Mask?

The powerful detoxifying action works instantly to restore blemish-prone skin. The toning action helps to reduce discoloration, fine-lines, wrinkles and scars to create a glowing, even skin complexion.

What measurements do I use to mix the Detoxifying Mask?

We recommend starting with one teaspoon of our mask to one teaspoon of purified water or Detoxifying Solution. View our how-to video here for a more detailed explanation!

I just received my products; how often should I use them?

Everyone’s skin is different, but we recommend using the Detoxifying Mask 1-2 times per week for 10-15 minutes to start. Once your skin adjusts, up your usage to 3-4 times per week for up to 30 minutes. All other products can be used daily.

My face is red after removing the Detoxifying Mask, is this normal?

Yes, it is typical to experience redness and slight tingling as the mask is designed to draw out toxins and bacteria from your skin which increases blood flow to your face. If redness lasts longer than 30-45 minutes, we recommend decreasing the amount of time you leave the mask on.

If you are using your mask for the first time, you may need to decrease the amount of time you leave the mask on until your skin has time to adjust to the powerful detoxifying effects.

If you tend to have sensitive skin, use purified water to mix with your Detoxifying Mask and decrease the amount of time you leave the mask on for.

Are your products safe to use while pregnant/breastfeeding?

While none of our products contain ingredients at levels that cause concern during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, certain products contain ingredients (i.e., essential oils) that some women try to avoid during pregnancy. If you have any concerns on any ingredients at all, we advise you to consult your Doctor with the specific ingredient list before using the product. You can find our ingredient list for each product under the "Ingredient" tab on the product page.

Are your products vegan?

Yes! All of our products are vegan, with the exception of the Raw Honey Honey Lip Gloss (because this product contains honey and beeswax it cannot be considered vegan).

I just placed my order, when can I expect it to arrive?

Domestic packages typically take 5-7 business days to be delivered. International packages can take anywhere from 10-25 days to be delivered, depending on location. For more specific shipping related answers, please refer to our Shipping page.

I placed an order but why haven’t I received my tracking information yet?

Depending on when your order was placed, you should have received an email that contains your tracking info within 24 hours of when you placed the order. However, if you placed an order anytime from Friday at 12:00pm EST to Sunday at 11:59pm EST, you will receive your tracking information the following Monday once your order is processed.

If you do not see your tracking info, please be sure to check in your spam folder for the email.

If you still cannot locate your tracking information, please contact customer service at info@truselforganics.com

My tracking information says "Not Found." Where is my package?

Not to worry! This means your package has departed our facility, but has not yet been scanned into the USPS system. Your tracking information should update within 24-48 hours after you receive your shipping confirmation email. Please contact our customer service if your tracking information has not updated after 24-48 hours.


My tracking information says "Your shipment was accepted in Kalamazoo, MI." Where is my package?

Your package is currently in route to you and has left the United States. International packages are mailed through a fulfillment center located in Kalamazoo, MI. Your tracking information indicates that the package has been "accepted/picked up" and is in transit to your international location. Once a package leaves the United States, the destination country's postal service will take over and complete the delivery, i.e. a government-based delivery service, such as Australia Post, Canada Post, etc. Please allow up to 25 days for delivery.



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