The Importance Of Adventuring Abroad + Skincare Travel Tips


Many of us settle into our day job and become accustomed to that 9-5 grind without ever really experiencing the joy and freedom of traveling. While being passionate about work is admirable, the idea that work -and ONLY work- is the most important part of life makes us sad; there are SO many wonderful opportunities that arise when we expand our horizons through travel and exploration.

We get it, you need to make a living, and can’t just up and leave whenever it suits you. BUT, to that same point, how many of us spend money on things we don’t really need, like the big house, the fancy car and the many expensive restaurant dates? Wouldn’t you rather live a more simple life, and save your money to travel the world and see all the beauty it has to offer? Even if you have a full-time job, you’re likely to get time off at least a couple times a year, and wouldn’t you rather explore a new place than go to that beach resort you go to every. single. year?

Not convinced yet? We urge you to read on to fully grasp the incredible benefits traveling has to offer, and we've got some helpful tips to take care of your skin when you're jetting between places!

Encourages You To Take Risks

Simply put, travel is the best way to get out of your comfort zone and encourages you to take risks, big or small. When you travel, you experience diversity in the form of new cultures, different people and different ways of life. Traveling will immerse you into situations that will test (what you thought were) your boundaries, such as forcing you to make conversation with complete strangers/locals of a small town or village, or mingling with people who speak a foreign language.

Although it might seem scary at first, trust us, these situations truly help you grow as a person and realize there’s so much more "out there" for you to experience.

Gets You Out Of A Strict Routine

As creatures of habit, it’s easy to fall into a routine (or more likely a rut) that’s hard to break. While there’s nothing wrong with a routine, considering we all only live once, it’s still important to break free once in awhile, and just go with the flow.

Adventuring through travel helps you really appreciate every moment, every sunset and every precious minute you are alive.

Makes You Grateful For What You Have

While traveling and exploring new cultures, you may not always have access to your usual facilities and materials, which can quickly make you realize how blessed you are. When experiencing new cultures, you may come across people who live in poverty, and this alone will be a huge wake-up call.

Seeing how other people live not only makes us grateful for what we have, but it also encourages us to give back and always, ALWAYS puts things into perspective when it comes to "problems" in our own lives.

Skin Care Tips When Traveling

While soaking up all the diversity (and sun) this beautiful world has to offer, it’s still important to take care of your skin and keep to your beauty regimen. We are a skincare company, after all, so you bet we are going to throw some handy tips in this article for you!

When traveling around, you want a simple, no-frills-kinda skin care routine, and with our Clear Skin Kit, you’ll have just that.

All products in this kit are the perfect size to conveniently throw into your carry-on, as our Detox Mask is dehydrated (powder form), and our Clear Skin Cleanser and Moisturizer are both under the 3.4oz legal limit for liquids within carry-on luggage.

The air on the plane, as well as certain locations you travel through, may be substantially drier than what you are accustomed to back home; for this reason, extra moisture will most likely be required by your skin, and our Ocean Mineral Moisturizer will ensure your skin gets the hydration it craves.

Extra tip: be sure to drink loads of water, and stick to healthy snacks so that you can enjoy glowing, clear skin no matter where your adventures take you!




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